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Are the aches and pains of arthritis ruining your life? Untreated it gets worse.

Arthritis is the enemy of our joints. The condition of our joints affects our daily living, from sports to simply walking, carrying items, bending and working. Arthritis impacts the joint in various ways dependent upon the form of arthritis. The exact cause of the over 100 types aren't all known but some are brought on by gout, injury, disease or just the passage of time.

The number one cause of chronic disability in the United States can be attributed to arthritis. It currently attacks 40 million Americans in one form or another. Most of the 100 types of arthritis can be categorized into one of four basic types; gouty, inflammatory, osteoarthritis and traumatic.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type that impacts approximately 16 million. This is a non-inflammatory degenerative disease that causes the joint cartilage to breakdown which eventually allows the bones to grind together which inturn can result in inflamation and swelling. The causes of osteoarthritis is unknown and could be attributed to parts wearing out from over use.

Inflammatory arthritis is a chronic disease that occurs for unknown reasons. Sometimes the immune system will mistakenly attack the cushioning tissue. A familiar form of inflammatory arthritis is called Rheumatoid arthritis or Rheumatism. In Rheumatoid arthritis the body attacks the synovium gland of the joint. This is a bladder of fluid that supplies the slippery cushion and lubricating fluid between the joints. The synovium becomes inflamed which causes chemicals to be released that in turn thickens the synovial fluid. The damage to the synovium causes pain and swelling that leads to damage to the cartilage.

Traumatic arthritis is the usual suspect in a serious hip, knee or shoulder injury. This can be a fracture or severe traumatic event that leads to a condition called avascular necrosis. In this condition the blood supply to the bone is cut off and as a result the surrounding cartilage begins to deteriorate. The most common area to occur is the hip.

Gouty arthritis results when gout goes untreated. Eventually the condition becomes permanent, the joint is damaged and the condition spreads to other joints. It is possible to have gouty arthritis at the same time as other forms of arthritis. The very asprin that helps reduce the pain and inflamation of arthritis can make a gout attack worse a step on the road to adding gouty arthritis to the complaint department.

Symptoms of arthritis are dependent upon the types that you may have. Being able to correctly describe the type and onset of pain you are experiencing will help point your doctor in the right direction for early diagnosis and treatment. Pain can be continuous or intermittent; after prolonged activity or exercise or while resting; you may experience pain in one spot or feel it all over your body.

Early diagnosis and treatment tailored to the type of arthritis you have is important to decrease the functional loss you may experience as the disease progresses. Only a doctor (x-ray) can diagnose arthritis and provide you with the medical treatment options to keep you functional and as pain free as possible. There are arthritis specialists called Rheumatologists who are physicians who have intimate knowledge of the arthritis condition and the appropriate therapies and treatments for each individual case.

Once you know which of the various arthritis types you may have, there are natural supplements that may provide support to the body's healing systems depending on how far the condition has been allowed to deteriorate. A change in diet may ward off gouty arthritis if identified and taken in time.

If you suspect you have arthritis consult with your physician early. The more quickly you find the root cause of the pain and discomfort the more quickly you are able to begin therapies which will decrease your pain and increase your mobility.

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