Small businesses and property owners in five 亚特兰大市 税收分配 District (TADs) can apply for grants of up to $20,用于内部和外部的改进.

请注意: The 小型企业 Improvement Grant program is not currently open. We invite interested applicants to apply for the 商业楼宇改善补助金.


Invest Atlanta has launched the 小型企业 Improvement Grant program to support local
small businesses and commercial property owners located in five of the 亚特兰大市’s 税收分配
- Campbellton Road, Hollowell-ML King, Metropolitan Parkway, Perry Bolton, and

Tenants and commercial property owners are eligible to apply for grants of up to $20,000 that can be used for both internal and external improvements. Please note that vacant commercial properties are not eligible at this time.



Find out of your property is located within an eligible TAD

Visit Fulton County's property map database and type address
Click “view full property profile” once the property information appears
If it lists any of the 5 TADs, your property or business may be eligible.
了解更多信息, 天博appJennifer Fine, Vice President of Planning and Strategic Initiatives at Invest Atlanta. 电子邮件: (电子邮件保护)


  • Project must be less than 15,000 square feet.
  • A minimum of 50% of funds must be used for exterior improvements.
  • All exterior improvements must be visible from the public right-of-way.
  • Eligible exterior improvements include: painting, 照明, 窗户, 门, 框架, 标志, 树冠, 遮雨篷, 盖茨, 击剑, 景观, 建筑物表面修理, 地面改造.
  • Interior improvements should significantly enhance the customer and employee experience.
  • Eligible interior improvements include: flooring, 墙, 天花板, 暖通空调, 热水器, 管道, 电, 对墙壁进行结构维修, 地板, 楼梯, 室内的门.
  • 某些软成本, such as architectural and planning services, are eligible but shall not exceed 10% of grant amount.
  • Awardees must provide a match equal to at least 20% of the grant award and demonstrate the project as proposed would not happen without the TAD grant assistance.


  • 新建筑
  • Properties owned or occupied by a government or public agency
  • 用于居住的物业
  • Churches and religious institution facilities (commercial buildings owned by churches or religious institutions are eligible)
  • Operations, inventory, and other soft costs





1. 在Neighborly注册  友好的门户

When you access the Portal for the first time, you’ll need to Register your account by clicking on the Register link. The registration process will create a username (which is your email address) and password that will be used for future logins. The email address you choose will also be used for system emails/notifications, so it is recommended to use your primary email address. 出于安全考虑, the system will validate that you own the registered email address by sending an email with a validation link.  

2. 完整的 & 提交初步问卷

登录Neighborly后, select ‘发展奖励申请’ and complete the preliminary questionnaire. 收到填妥的问卷后, Invest Atlanta project managers will review and contact you with additional questions.  If the project is determined to be eligible for a funding program, you will be granted access to the development incentives application.

3. 完整的 & 提交发展奖励申请

收到申请后, Invest Atlanta staff will review the application for content and completeness. After a fully complete application has been reviewed for consistency with Invest Atlanta and programmatic goals, staff will analyze and evaluate the project. The project manager will contact you with any additional questions and to provide a timeline overview.