最高可获得150美元,000 in low-interest loans to help your startup acquire new assets or update existing assets.

As part of the 亚特兰大商业开放基金 supported by Wells Fargo, Invest Atlanta launched the $1 million Atlanta Startup Growth Loan Program (ASGLP) to support tech startups located in the city of Atlanta. ASGLP提供50美元起的贷款,000 - $150,000 to help startups gain momentum and grow through the purchase and acquisition of assets.  It provides funding to startups that have a clear demonstrated need for funding, in addition to a dedication to solving a critical problem through technology that impacts society.




A technology startup is a company that brings technology products or services to market. These companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways. It is looking for a repeatable and scalable business model to generate revenue.

这些创业公司解决了市场上的问题, 满足市场需求, 或者创造一个全新的市场. They generally achieve  growth, are transformative, and are up to around five years old.

For consideration for this loan program, a company must:

  • Have an MVP (minimal viable product) in place.
  • 从朋友和家人那里筹过钱吗, have done an 加速器 or 孵化器 program, 或者到目前为止都是自力更生的. 财务状况必须证明这一点.
  • Have a clear plan of their GTM (go to market strategy) and how they will utilize the funds for a specific milestone.



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For-profit corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships are eligible.

Applicants must meet all the following criteria: 

  • 创业, 在过去五年内成立的公司, and have an active 亚特兰大市 Business License.
  • Have a scalable high-impact solution within technology.
  • Demonstrate growth potential in their sector (AI, SaaS, B2C, B2B, 可持续性——制造业, 深技术, FinTech, 等.).
  • Be current with all personal and business debt when applying for financing. 
  • 在家操作, 商业空间, 孵化器, 加速器, 或亚特兰大的联合办公空间.


  • Have an interest in acquiring commercial real estate in the city of Atlanta, 重点放在低收入人口普查区, 州或联邦机会区, 弱势群体的社区, 或新市场税收抵免批准的地区.
  • Special emphasis on underrepresented founders.
  • Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and applicants; even those who may have credit challenges are encouraged to review their current situation with Invest Atlanta’s 小型企业 Finance team.


The Program will provide a direct loan to applicants. All loans will have a six-month deferment before the first payment is due.


  • Loan funds can be used for acquiring new assets or updating existing assets. 具体地说, 资金可以用于技术, 库存, the purchase or renovation of 商业空间 within the city of Atlanta, 机械设备, 家具及固定装置, 和标志.
  • Up to 20% of loan funds can be used for other working capital expenses. Working capital uses should be considered for funding only in support of the tangible asset purchase or update.  


  • 扩大现有业务.
  • Renovate or purchase commercial real estate space.
  • 购买存货或设备(e).g.,销售点/POS系统).
  • Product development, engineering, and infrastructure (updates to software).


Minimum of $50,000; Maximum of $150,000. 


0% - 3%. 

Up to 5 years with a six (6) month deferment prior to the first payment.  贷款期限不能超过租赁期限.  


No collateral required; however, it is encouraged to strengthen application. 不需要个人担保. 


Invest Atlanta reserves the right to request payment in full in the event the following criteria are not met. 贷款接收方: 

  • Must participate in the Atlanta Open for Business Technical Assistance Program.
  • 必须提供3年的报告结果.
  • Agrees to work with Invest Atlanta to identify and define the borrower’s Community 影响 Contribution.